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SOLAR ELECTRIC- Photovoltaics or Solar Electricity is the mainstay of a modern renewable energy system. Solar panels have reached an all-time high in efficiency and an all-time low in price, making them the obvious choice for long term renewable energy. Solar Electric systems can be ground mounted, roof mounted or tracker mounted depending on your specific needs. Another benefit of solar electric is the extensive warranty periods that many manufacturers offer. Some designs offer up to twenty-five year warranties. Modern panels are built to endure all type of climates with no moving parts which can break, making them much less of maintenance and liability issue.

WIND ENERGY- Wind is a popular renewable energy source, especially in areas where wind is plentiful. One advantage of wind over solar is it is not limited to daylight hours. Often, when bad weather is about and the sun is not out, the wind is blowing. In this regard, wind can help to balance energy production in a hybrid wind and solar system. Wind also has the ability to produce large amounts of power, thus making it popular with ranch size energy needs. Popularized on the internet, vertical axis wind turbines and ideas surrounding building mounted turbines have very little use in practical applications. Wind farms use horizontal axis turbines only, because this is the only solid design that science and industry has produced. Cities are not usually good places for wind turbines, as most cities have tower height restrictions, fall zone requirements and building and trees which block or add turbulence to wind patterns. Let our experts help you decide which wind or wind/solar design combination is right for you.

POWER SYSTEMS- Advancements in inverter designs have made it possible for your system to be adapted to your specific power sources and layouts. You also have the option to be tied into the grid and sell your energy back to the power company utilizing all forms of renewable energy or go off-grid with your choice of back-up power. Off-grid power systems can be battery based with generator back up, while utilizing solar, wind or hydroelectric. With countless tweaks and possibilities, we can engineer the desired combination of systems that is right for you.

BATTERIES- Off Grid Oasis will design and install your off grid system according to our "best use" practice in proportion to budget, space and energy capacity needs. AGM batteries are the industry standard for long lasting, low maintenance batteries while gel and traditional lead-acid batteries are commonplace in the residential, off-grid market. New Battery technology, such as Lithium Ion, are gaining traction due to certain advantages in the cell's performance while Lithium Ion's practical applications and cost are still being improved upon.

HYDRO-ELECTRIC- Hydroelectricity runs on the same technology and principles as wind electricity utilizing magnet and coil style generators. Very little has changed in this type of technology since its inception. In fact, the new, utility-sized hydroelectric plant on the Kansas River employs revamped generators which were built in the 1930's. Hydroelectric uses the flow of water from a waterway and fall (height at which the water will fall from) to push the magnetic turbines. The occasion for hydroelectric is uncommon, but when running water is apparent, hydroelectric produces energy for that duration of water flowing. This means, in some cases, 24-hour /day production. Some hydroelectric systems are grid-tied to harness the energy in a net metering scenario, while other systems use a battery and dump load to disperse energy that is not used in battery charging.